Central India Agriculture and Livelihood Forum


         In response to the agrarian crisis in India, the idea of forming “Central Indian Forum for rural livelihood addressing agrarian crisis” emerged from the already existing farmers groups formed erstwhile. Historically economic and geographical regions in Central India like Vidharbh, Malva, Chhattisagrh , Bundelknhnad and Mahakousahal were interacting socio-economically and prosper interdependently . In recent years , these socio-economic regions were facing the similar problems on account of climate change, agrarian crisis, natural calamities like drought and flood hampering the main livelihood agrarian ecological systems The idea of central India came due to the fact that 82 backward districts as notified by the Central Government as well as International agencies are located in Central Indian Region. Further there is no effective or functional network/forum of farmers representing Central India. The region constitutes of Vidharbh of Maharashtra, Entire Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Sourastra region of Gujarat, Odisha etc touching the maritime boundaries of east and west of the country. The forum is not only confined to the above issues but also made its objectives of touching related social issues targeting the family members of the farmers especially on the subjects such as health education, social status and women empowerment.